TWT Introductory

with Thomas Hübl

Saturday, October 9
& Sunday, October 10

8am–1pm Los Angeles
11am–4pm New York 
5pm–10pm Berlin

Workshop Fee: $175 (€145)

Attendance at the live sessions is required for this experiential workshop.

The workshop will be held in English, with simultaneous translation into German and Spanish

Registration is now closed. Please contact us with any questions.

“The Timeless Wisdom Training is the primary container and foundation in our system for those who want to accelerate their own personal development and for practitioners interested in eventually becoming facilitators of our more advanced work.”

Thomas Hübl

Who the TWT Introductory Workshop is for…

If you are considering applying for the upcoming Timeless Wisdom Training, you will get a clearer sense of the commitment involved and whether the program would be a good fit with your life’s journey at this time.

If you are new to Thomas Hübl and would like a deeper introduction to his work before applying to TWT, we strongly recommend you attend this workshop to determine whether TWT is the right next step for you.

what the introductory workshop includes

Attend 2 days of LIVE online sessions with Thomas:

Teachings and Q&A with Thomas

Guided meditation

Interactive Exercises

Group Process Work

Breakout conversations

The teaching and Q&A sessions will be recorded and the audio recordings are yours to keep.

Workshop Schedule

Each day will last 5 hours with breaks as noted below (schedule subject to change; all times are approximate):

Daily Schedule for Saturday, October 9
& Sunday October 10

All times listed in U.S. Pacific time zone
Click here to find the time in your area.

8:00am - 10:00am

Teaching / Meditation

10:00am - 10:45am


10:45am - 12:00pm

Teaching / Breakout Groups

12:00pm - 1:00pm

Teaching / Q&A / Closing

Introductory Workshop

with Thomas Hübl

Saturday, October 9 & Sunday, October 10

Workshop Fee: $175  (145 €)

Attendance at the live sessions is required for this experiential workshop.

REGISTRATION IS NOW CLOSED. Please contact us with any questions.

About the 2-year Timeless Wisdom Training

Timeless Wisdom Training is open to anyone who is deeply committed to their own personal and spiritual growth. The program also attracts many professional practitioners—such as therapists, coaches, consultants, educators, healthcare workers, and alternative healers—who take what they learn and integrate it into their respective fields.

TWT is Thomas’ most in-depth program and is only offered every 2-3 years. Enrollment will be limited and spaces may fill quickly. We encourage you to attend the 2-Day Introductory Workshop if you are new to Thomas’ work or would like a deeper introduction to assess whether TWT is right for you.

You may submit your application prior to attending the workshop.

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"TWT gifted me with greater confidence in my purpose and a deepening of my work identity, for which I’m now doing a PhD. In both the online and in-person retreats, I learned a lot from watching how Thomas "engaged without enrolling” in the steady stream of trauma questions coming his way."
— Laura M., Group Inner Constellation and Sound Facilitator, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
"There has been a sharpened focus. I feel like I have a new set of precise tools to go within and connect more deeply with what’s happening in individuals, and then of course being able to give them a clearer answer about what’s going on, because I see it more clearly."
— Gary J., Body-Mind Awareness Trainer, Berlin, Germany
“I’m able to use these principles to be a better coach to leaders and top CEOs so they can be better leaders and implement positive changes in this world.”
— Mark T., Leadership Development Executive Coach, New York, NY, USA
“TWT changed everything about how I live. Its been an intensely restorative journey - I healed past traumas that I never thought would be integrated. Nothing is more important than how it’s changed the way I relate to my young and adult children. I began truly living in the present rather than the past and the future. It was the most important thing I've ever done in my life. It’s an integral system, offering maps of meaning, of what it means to be human.”
— Ninotchka V., Healing Arts Practitioner and Stay-at-Home Mother, San Rafael CA, USA
“To say that TWT is life-changing is an understatement; it is life-transforming. Through this work, I discovered healing beyond my imagination. Working with and learning from Thomas has released so much of that suffering, allowing me to love more wisely, relate less defendedly, and rest more fully. He is simultaneously the most precise and gentle embodiment teacher I've ever met. Furthermore, he surrounds himself with a very talented team of assistants, and attracts a wonderful and diverse community, so there is deep support in the field.”
— Farshid F., Integrative Child Psychiatrist, San Francisco, CA, USA

About Thomas Hübl

Thomas Hübl is a renowned teacher, author, and international facilitator whose lifelong work integrates the core insights of the great wisdom traditions and mysticism with the discoveries of science. Since the early 2000s, he has been leading large-scale events and courses that focus on the healing and integration of trauma. Participants come from around the world, ranging from members of the public to faculty and staff at Harvard Medical School.

His non-profit organization, The Pocket Project, works to support the healing of collective trauma throughout the world. He is the author of Healing Collective Trauma: A Process for Integrating Our Intergenerational and Cultural Wounds, which outlines his methodology called the Collective Trauma Integration Process as a safe framework for guiding groups through collective trauma.